For the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions

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2019 Course Dates

  Course Full  January 7-8 (Mon/Tues) in Marylebone, London

  Book directly with Elite Physio & Therapy  May 11-12 (Sat/Sun) at Clinic Equilibrium, Altrincham, Manchester

  Book Now  July 11-12 (Thurs/Fri) in Marylebone, London

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Course details

OMT Spinal ManipulationThis bespoke training course has been delivered and taught to therapists worldwide, with the OMT team, training prestigious organisations such as the medical teams at Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC.

Very useful course with enthusiastic tutors who are very helpful and patient, giving you the confidence to do well

All techniques covered in depth are routinely used by therapists such as, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and will allow you to add a whole new dimension to your current skill levels. Rest assured you will be confident from the moment you leave us to use all of the techniques.

Spinal manipulation has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions and is promoted by N.I.C.E the national institute of clinical excellence for the treatment of lower back pain.
Download the N.I.C.E Clinical Guidelines

If you wish to attend and are unsure if your current level of qualification would be accepted, please give one of the team a call and we can give you a decision via email or over the phone.

Discover more about Manipulation Therapy Theory

Course Overview

OMT Training will introduce the participants of OMT Spinal Manipulation into the theoretical and practical principals of using Manipulation techniques within a clinical setting for the treatment of a number of musculoskeletal conditions.

This 4 Day Practical Training Course will give students the following:

  16 hours of face to face teaching

  16 hours pre reading information

  Total time 32 hours CPD

  Continued assessment throughout the course

  30-45 mins written competency test for all students

  Safe, sound and effective background in the use of OMT Spinal Manipulation

  OMT Spinal Manipulation will offer participants a fantastic new skill base with which they can use within their clinical practice

  Discuss scientific evidence for the use of manipulation techniques

  Discuss current research for the use of Manipulation

  Relate the use of Manipulation to the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and for a number of musculoskeletal conditions

  Give students a high level of safety, clinical competence and overall the confidence to use manipulation techniques

Spinal Manipulative techniques for the following spinal sections:

  Cervical Thoracic Junction (C7-T1)

  Thoracic Spine (T1-T12)


  Thoracic Lumbar Junction (T12-L1)

  Lumbar Spine (L1-S1)

Note - HVT to OA, AA, C1-C6 and SIJ are not covered over this four day spinal manipulation course. Techniques for cervical mobilisation and articulation along with active and passive examination for the cervical spine will be covered.

Please Note:

  This course requires ALL students to receive and administer manipulation

  Students should NOT attend this course if there is any reason that prevents FULL participation

  This course is NOT suitable for participants who are pregnant

  Course handbooks will be provided, and the content of the handbook will be underpinned by a structured PowerPoint presentation by the lecturers

  Students will be expected to take extra notes regarding areas and techniques that will require more specific explanation or detailed clarification

  The handbook and PowerPoints are solely to be used as an aide memoire; the lecturers will adapt the content of the course depending on the student's backgrounds or therapeutic discipline

  Students are ADVISED to refresh their knowledge of relevant anatomy and physiology prior to attending the course. If students fail to show the required level of knowledge they may be asked to leave the course

Who is this course for?

  Osteopaths / Student Osteopaths

  Physiotherapists / Student Physiotherapists

  Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists

  Sports Therapists / Student Sports Therapists

  Chiropractors / Student Chiropractors

  and other healthcare providers

Can I gain insurance?

In simple terms yes you can.

As an Allied health professional (Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor) these skills should be automatically added to your current insurance to practice with no additional cost, but please check with your insurer.

Non-Allied health professionals such as Sports Therapists, Sports Massage Therapists and Manual Therapists from different backgrounds can still gain full public liability cover to use these techniques within their clinics. You may be required to take out an additional policy specifically for manipulative techniques and we work with a number of UK based insurers such as BGi.uk Insurance who can provide full cover (between 1million and 5million cover) for a minimum additional cost.

Underwritten by BGi.uk Insurance

Download our Pre-Course Information Sheet & Health Screening Form


Advanced Spinal Manipulation Technique Advanced Spinal Manipulation Theory Advanced Spinal Manipulation


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Read about Manipulation Therapy Theory

Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques for Manual Therapists:
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The first book ever to bring together the best techniques from chiropractic and osteopathy, this easy-to-use guide is necessary reading for any manual therapist wishing to hone their skills, and discover related techniques that will enhance their practice.

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You will be learning the same techniques that OMT Training have taught to Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, NHS, MK Dons and more

OMT Training Medical Acupuncture at Liverpool FC

OMT Training Medical Acupuncture at Manchester City FC


Underwritten by BGi.uk Insurance
BGi.uk accept this course for insurance
purposes on their policies
Non-Allied health professionals should check with their provider to ensure all additional techniques taught can be added to their existing insurance policy.

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