For the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions


4 hour Spinal Manipulation Refresher

  This bespoke training environment will have a maximum of six students to one lecturer.

  Refresh any techniques you have trouble with and learn adapted variations to suit you.

  A blend of osteopathic and chiropractic technique to suit any practitioner.

  This 4hr hour session is focused on you and your learning needs.

  Learn from internationally published authors on Osteopathic Articulation and on Osteopathic and Chiropractic manipulation techniques.

  A technique masterclass refresher for manual therapists

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Spinal Manipulation Refresher Spinal Manipulation Refresher Spinal Manipulation Refresher


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You will be refreshing the same techniques that OMT Training have taught to Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, NHS, MK Dons and more

OMT Training Medical Acupuncture at Liverpool FC

OMT Training Medical Acupuncture at Manchester City FC


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