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"What is soft tissue release?"

This technique primarily focuses on the stretching the muscle fibres, myofascia and tendons. Some might view this technique as a method of "micro stretching" of an area.

This is a fantastic 1 day practical training course designed for any health care professional wanting to make fast and significant differences to their patients/clients results. Health care professionals such as, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers will find these skills invaluable as it will safe time in your sessions as well as your hands and other associated joints.

Soft Tissue Release (STR)

Soft Tissue Release can aid in many incidences and can add a great tool when dealing with certain conditions that have a musculoskeletal manifestation. The list below is not exhaustive but we think you get the point:

  Chronic muscle strains – Hamstrings

  Scars – Post surgery

  Any type of back pain – Lower, Middle or Upper

  Piriformis Pain

  Headaches – Migraines, Tension and Cervicogenic


  Plantar Fasciitis

  Tendonopathies – Achilles, Bicep, Supraspinatus etc

  Patella femoral pain

  Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis

  Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome - Shin Splints

  Costo-Chondral Pain – Asthma – Scalenes

  TMJ Dysfunction

  ...and many more

Soft Tissue Release is a very versatile technique that you are able to use anywhere and at any time. You can work on the side of the pitch, in the office and through clothing.

Course Overview

This is a 1-Day Course comprising the following:

  8 hours of active and practical learning. We all learn by doing, so be prepared to get hands on while learning this great technique.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  Understand the mechanism of Soft Tissue Release

  Use the technique at relevant times during your treatment

  Understand the relevant indications and contra indications to treatment

  Perform soft tissue release in a safe and effective manner

  Safely and Effectively apply the “lock” for successful soft tissue release

  Use multiple different applicators where relevant and appropriate

  Educate your patient to their dysfunction

Who is this course for?

  Osteopaths / Student Osteopaths

  Physiotherapists / Student Physiotherapists

  Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists

  Sports Therapists / Student Sports Therapists

  Chiropractors / Student Chiropractors

  and other healthcare providers


Soft Tissue ReleaseSoft Tissue ReleaseSoft Tissue Release



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