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"More than a massage" - Techniques from Osteopathy and Midwifery

The ultimate manual therapy Master Class is for all therapists who are, or who would like to work with pregnant and postnatal women. This course is aimed at not only increasing your knowledge of the lumbopelvic complex and understanding of pregnancy and labour, but also exploring the conditions and warning signs relating to pregnancy and moving on to cover postnatal related problems. This course will give you the manual skills to treat your patients from day one, throughout their pregnancy and then follow on into their post natal rehabilitation care.

Jean McColville - Pregnancy & Postnatal Therapy

We will give you the skills to be able to examine and manage a woman with common pregnancy related musculoskeletal problems, with best practice techniques from Osteopathy and Midwifery giving you the skills to assess and treat pre and post birth, with training and exercises for post delivery abdominal rehabilitation.

Using current research this course will help dispel the myths, fears and doubts associated with pregnancy and newly delivered mothers. We will also explore the do's and don'ts of treating a pregnant and postnatal patient.

This class is designed to be a very practical, informative two days which will fully prepare you to work confidently with pregnant and newly delivered women.

Course Overview

This is a 4-Day Course comprising the following:

  2 days - Pre Read Home Study (16hrs)

  2 days - Practical Training (16hrs) - Under the guidance and supervision of One (1) experienced Midwife and Two (2) Qualified Osteopaths

Please Note:

This bespoke weekend course will be highly supervised giving you an almost one to one training feel, with three experienced lecturers with a combined total of over 70 years experience within manual therapy between them.

OMT Pregnancy Master Class is really something special, working in conjunction with Jean McConville who has over 40 years experience as an NHS nurse/midwife, lecturer, expert witness and manual therapist, this four day course takes this wealth of experience and knowledge and in combination with Osteopathic technique can be seen as the ultimate manual therapy course in pregnancy care.

This Course will give students the following:

  Review of normal anatomy and physiology of the lumbopelvic complex, and its changes in pregnancy, the theory of normal movement and pregnancy-related changes, trimesters and the physiology of pregnancy.

  How to properly assess you're pregnant patient, examination of the lumbar spine and pelvic girdle, understanding the physiological changes in pregnancy relevant to the management of pregnancy related spinal, pelvic girdle and hip musculoskeletal problems.

Assess and treat pregnancy related altered biomechanics of the spine, pelvic girdle and hip.

  Common medical problems in pregnancy and implications for the therapist, and the ultimate Do's and Don'ts of treating the pregnant woman.

  Pelvic Girdle and symphysis pubis pain - theory, assessment and treatment.

  The management of lumbopelvic pain, MSK pain and adaptive changes in pregnancy through, Soft Tissue Massage Therapy, Osteopathic MET (muscle energy techniques), Osteopathic Mobilisation and Spinal Articulation techniques, Active Isolation Stretching techniques, Muscular Inhibition Techniques.

  Kinesiology taping techniques specifically for pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions.

  Apply clinical reasoning and analysis to direct manual therapy interventions, along with treatment protocols for managing your patient throughout her pregnancy.

  Current research and best practice for exercises and rehabilitation to the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip for the antenatal and postnatal woman.

Who is this course for?

  Osteopaths / Student Osteopaths

  Physiotherapists / Student Physiotherapists

  Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists

  Sports Therapists / Student Sports Therapists

  Chiropractors / Student Chiropractors

  and other healthcare providers


Pregnancy & Post Natal Therapy Pregnancy Therapy Post Natal Therapy


Course Leader - Jean McConville

PG Dips; BSc (Hons); DPSN; RM; RN Midwife and Manual Therapist; Active isolated Stretching: CORE Myofacial Therapy; Orthopaedic Massage - Teaching Assistant to James Waslaski; Level 2 Gym & Exercise to Music; Antenatal & Postnatal Exercise Instructor; Infant Massage Instructor.


"My background is as a qualified nurse and midwife, with 40 years experience in the NHS, I qualified as a midwife in 1984 and have been working as a midwife ever since. I became interested in bodywork/massage therapy and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) several years ago and now combine my midwifery and therapist skills for tailoring treatments for pregnant and postnatal women."

"As a qualified midwife my passion for massage therapy, holistic and complementary care has driven me to become specialised in the following treatments:"

  Ante/postnatal massage and AIS which restores posture and balance and helps relieve pelvic girdle and other skeletal problems.

  Baby massage which promotes life-long bonding, helps in the relief of colic and teaches Mums nurturing touch.

  Postnatal abdominal muscle rehabilitation classes - my 'abs, balls and babies' class works on core abdominal muscles restoring muscle tone helping to regain your pre-pregnancy figure and is extremely popular.

"My special interest is in pelvic girdle and symphysis pubis pain. I have applied to undertaking a PhD comparing treatments and outcomes, using both manual therapy and osteopathic techniques, for pregnant/postnatal women with pelvic girdle pain."


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